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A Mini Renovation is a great way to update the look of your bathroom for about half the cost of a full renovation, and have an almost identical outcome.  

What is a Mini Renovation?

  • Removal of Bathtub or shower

  • Removal of walls surrounding Bathtub or Shower

  • Installation of New Tub or shower and surrounding walls with cement board

  • Installation of new wall tile around Bathtub or shower area

  • Removal and Installation of new floor tile

  • Touch up and skim coat existing walls outside Shower area with spackle

  • Prime and Paint bathroom walls and ceiling

  • Replacement of Vanity, Mirror, Light Fixture, and accessories


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Sometimes water finds it way behind tiles due to failing caulk or grout.   When this happens we tend to find that the wall behind the tiles are damaged.  At All About Grout, we specialize in replacing only the section behind the tile that has damage.  We start by removing the tile in front of the damaged area, cleaning the tile, and setting them aside for the re-installation process.  Once the water damage wall is accessible, we remove and replace it with new cement board and re-install the saved tile.  To finish the process we grout the repaired area with matching grout and caulk where necessary.

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